State & Federal Tax Preparation

Preparing taxes is a lengthy, exhausting process. You need to determine the tax bracket you fall in and which state and federal taxes apply to you. It's also essential to ensure that that you pay your taxes, and file returns on time. At Rachal Allred, CPA, we make the entire process more comfortable by offering expert tax preparation services in South Carolina. We will make sure you’re ready for tax season and don’t need to worry about errors in the filing process.

Federal and State Tax Preparation Services

U.S. tax laws are very complicated, and it's why nearly 70% of all taxpayers hire tax preparers to help them with the job. Our experts have the Practitioner Tax Identification Number (PTIN) and can prepare your taxes accurately. Here's what's included in the service:

  • Collect Information – Our expert tax preparers will collect the relevant information to ensure all your paperwork is filed correctly. They will take time to understand the nature of your business, its ownership category, your annual income, exemption, expenses, and deductions. We will also examine previous tax forms to make sure the information is consistent and update the process according to the latest laws.

  • Collect Financial Information – We will collect financial information such as your income statements and expense documents. The other details we would need include the names and social security numbers of all your dependents, and any other forms you may have received. Our experts will take a look at your packet and request additional supporting documents if needed.

  • Completing Tax Forms – Once we have all the information we need, our team will work on completing the tax forms. We use some of the best tax preparation software available for this process to ensure maximum accuracy. We will also look for exemptions, deductions, and other ways to help you save money on tax during this process.

  • Handling Unusual Tax Situations – Some clients have unusual tax requirements and need special forms or considerations. Our experts will consult with the IRS website and follow the correct state and federal tax preparation process.

  • Filing The Forms – We can file the forms electronically on your behalf. We would need your previous gross adjusted income details and PIN. Our team can also mail the forms if you prefer. We will put together the tax packet and get your signatures for everything. Once the packet is complete, and the forms are duly signed, we will send it to the IRS.

South Carolina State and Federal Tax Preparation Experts

Our team will support you throughout the tax filing process. We will answer your questions, recommend tax benefit options, and even help you with audits or government requests for more information. We're familiar with the latest federal and state tax laws and will make sure your paperwork is up-to-date. We are certified public accountants and have the knowledge and skill required to handle the tax preparation process smoothly.

If you want to know more about our state and federal tax preparation in South Carolina, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Rachal Allred, CPA. You can call 775 404 2469 or use our contact us form.